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Virtual Assistant Services

Well said by Ryan Kahn, “Master your strength, outsource your weakness.”

You can do anything in your business domain, but not everything. Your strength is your core operations that you carry out as a priority. But, what do you do about your weakness? They often interfere with main business activities and operations, hampering the ultimate goal. Certainly, you can perform. But, outperformance is a must to ensure an apex position in this very competitive marketplace.

This is where MultechIT’s virtual assistance comes into play. We are remotely available. It’s all because of the advent of the internet. We explore your requirements through emails or online inquiry sharing tools in a wink.

What services do we offer for virtual assistance?

If you want to hand-on any of these data entry services, we’re here to provide with expertise:

  • CRM data entry
  • Textual, numeric and alphanumeric data entry
  • NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations)
  • Image data entry
  • eBook data entry
  • Insurance and medical data entry
  • Appraisal data entry of real-estates, finance
  • University and educational institutions program applications
  • Legal document data entry
  • Market research/ surveys/ form data entry

So! You can approach our competent staff over the web through an online inquiry.

But, when it comes to breaking into the cross-country domain (such as .uk, .ca and .in) for your project, we invariably use VPN network. It offers seamless web browsing across all domains and quick turnaround time. Thereby, you experience project delivery before the deadline. Ultimately, your productivity and competitiveness mount up consistently.

Why should you prefer Multitech IT?
  • We stick to confidentiality protocols, which were set up at the time of entering an outsourcing contract. This tendency stands us apart from the crowd.
  • We bet on our highly qualified, experienced and proficient team of experts, including IT engineers, web developers, designers, data scientists, data analysts and data entry executives.
  • Our team of help desk goes above and beyond the call of duty, utilizing advanced tools and techniques for better consulting.
  • Hundreds of data entry operators, executives, managers and quality assessors unite to guide the way to quality and timely delivery.
  • We linger on some robust security tools, which keep looming cyber threats at bay. A stringent firewall is here to defeat all attempts of unauthorized access to your sensitive emails and records.
  • We conserve your proprietary data on a dedicated server. It strengthens the prospect of instant accessibility of data remotely 24/7. Eventually, you come across the output in just a few seconds for making decisions (BI).
  • Coordination is a key to accurate, fast and meticulous data. We rely on this fact while communicating with you at regular intervals through distant calls and social networks. Timely approvals refine the quality of your data, which yields 100 percent satisfaction.
  • Data transmission through any file can manipulate them. We stringently prefer compatible modes like PDF, JPEG files for transferring data.
  • Our experienced team vets through the entire journey of data entry to ensure short turnaround time.

If you have any query regarding our data entry services, ring us to as we love to hear from you. Inquire or call directly-Your query makes us merry.

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