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Does Artificial Intelligence Secure Your Data Applications?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? The incredibility of human intelligence is no Greek. To give it a strong competition, the human brain has given birth to the unique but very impactful idea of Artificial Intelligence. Being human, we are god-gifted to use five preceptors (eyes, nose, skin, tongue and ears) effectively to understand and respond. AI is evolved to perform the synonymous role. The developers and tech experts evolve ideas to let the desktop and mobile applications comply with the requirement. Eventually, what we see is an imitation of human intelligence. For example, flying drones which are the devices that translate the real environment into 3-D model. They know what the dent is and how to repair themselves in case they suffer damage. Their sensors are strong enough to read the surrounding temperature, current, voltage and power well. This is why pizza company 'Dominos' is capitalizing on them to breathe in fresh life to pizza delivery at home. Why AI? It's a decade old security system when identities were streamlined; firewalls and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) were installed to full stop the entry of hackers. But what if any franchise is sold out? The tech experts have to move heaven and earth for migrating, streamlining and securing data. With stale security system, it's an uphill battle to do mean business. Besides, dangerous predicaments can de-track the smooth going of the entire computer applications. The emergence of AI is appeared like a silver lining amid hacking era. Let's see how securing data with it is no big deal. AI-A stringent weapon against security threat: Have you heard of voice activated shopping? Can you ever imagine how easy it would be to order verbally what you require? Google has made it possible. By providing voice-activated home speaker (an example of AI), it has posed the toughest challenge before Amazon. The users need not walk through boring typing, selecting and en route to checkout through clicks. The customers can cite their login details, order and their bank account details for paying. Such voice-enabled security system can make the security system more stringent. Likewise, Alexa code represents the power of AI that builds up a stringent layer of security to login the account. Bear in mind that every day has a new seed of intelligence that we can configure with the security system.