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Tips to Create Social Media Marketing Strategy 2019

Do you know the shortcut to echo your brand everywhere?

It’s none other than the social media marketing (SMM) in 2019. It’s where you create leads and even, convert them while socializing online. Simply put, you can promote a brand while interacting with consumers directly.

So! What’s your plan? What social media marketing strategy can get you close to your audience? 

It’s not very difficult if you listen to what your audience says; if you have a clear objective; if you have optimized for each social network separately; And, if you offer the real value. 

These are possible dos if you have evolved the marketing tips for social media. You can stretch to all major social media channels through predictive analysis, competitor analysis, performance analysis and audience analysis. Help yourself with these analyses by scheduling marketing tasks these ways:  

Daily Schedule: Predictive Analysis

To prepare a blueprint of to-do list, you have to foresee what you’re going to do for promoting on Facebook or Twitter or any other platform. It’s the best SMM strategy that helps in SEO promotions also. Certainly, a content marketing emerges in a prominent role. You have to jot-down the topics and keywords to target through blogging, guest-blogging, infographics, polls, surveys or podcasts etc..

To-do List


Check, update & track posting calendar


It’ll help you to target, create backlinks and identify broken links timely. 

Take on comments and queries


What people think about your brand and what kind of reputation you have-You can find in the feedbacks.

Monitor your brand mentions and reactions online


It’s a screening of your audience experience. A positive UX turns into leads and finally, into conversion. But, a negative comment can shatter your reputation into pieces. 

Tap for industry-related keywords and threads in forums and blogs/news/articles

The keywords are a compass to show up a direction of where to focus upon to the digital marketers. The CTR works as a monitoring tool.  

Eye on what your competitors are posting


It gives many clues to strategize content marketing. Also, you get a list of SEO-friendly searchable keywords.

Monitor industry news and hot topics


It’s essential to know what’s trending so that you can walk hand and hand with the audience’ requirement. 

Discover trending hashtags


Its discovery helps you to catch the online searching trend. You can utilize it in viral marketing for creating brand awareness.

Monitor and comment on influencers’ posts


It helps you to gain visibility amid a crowd. And, your audience will treat it as an anchor to engage with. 


Weekly Schedule: Competitors Analysis

Once you’re done with the predictions, move ahead to catch what your competitors are doing. Accordingly, integrate the keywords and content strategy for the SMM. It’ll help you to get a breakthrough that can rank your brand up in the SERPs.

To-Do List


Syncing SMM activities with teams goals and upcoming activities

What keywords or backlinks take your competitors ahead sync them into your social promotions for achieving a leading position.

Set up a schedule for postings of the week

It will cover up all dimensions and trends that are pushing up the ranking, traffic and visibility of your competitors.

Discover your competitors’ best performing posts

You can track what niche topics are likeable. They prove an inroad to success in the social branding.

Track the results of on-going ad campaigns


With the help of paid-tools, like SEMrush and Ahrefs, you can perceive the CTR and compute the benefits of the ad campaign that your competitor is running. Thereby, you can estimate and bet on your own campaign.


Monthly Schedule: Performance Analysis

Now comes the turn of the performance analysis. You would have implemented the improvised social media marketing strategies after integrating lessons that the competitor analysis provided with.  It enables you to define where you’re; what prospects you have; where you should move from; how can you overcome or multiply and so on.

To-Do List


Collect monthly stats


The monthly statistics are a scorecard of your monthly performance. You can find the +ve and –ve points to think upon.

Analyze & compare your competitors social strategies


By comparing your social performance with the competitors, you can set the explicit goals to target at.

Define next month’s ratio of educational and entertainment content to produce content

This analysis enriches you with a lot of topics and keywords that you can merge into infotainment content. 

Research upcoming news and events that can be used to promote your products

It helps you to churn what your target audience cares about. They are the niche topics that tend to rank up in organic searches.


Quarterly Schedule: Audience Analysis

It’s what enables you to think about your audience. Whether or not you’re moving on the right track-it’s explicit when you analyse your audience.

To-Do List


Review & evaluate the last quarter’s KPIs

This scanning informs you the key performer of your social media campaign. Eliminate the underrated keywords and content.

Consistent branding across all social channels

It’s where you have to stick onto for frequent leads and conversions.

Conduct audience analysis

This monitoring will help you to determine if you’re targeting the audience that you actually intend to.

Define your KPI for the next quarter

The learning from the last quarter will help you to determine what to include and what to exclude from your social promotion strategy in the next quarter.