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Tips to Generate More Leads with Email Marketing

Email marketing can convert your organisation into a cash cow. It’s a gold rush. The Radicati Group surveyed the fact that around 196 billion emails are sent every day. Out of these, 109 billion emails carry a business purpose.   

Upon witnessing its business makeover capacity, David Newman has said, “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches-at scale.”

Where social media ensures your scalability, email marketing emerges winner in customer acquisition. A study by Custora from 2013 noticed its effectiveness through quadrupled conversion rate in four years preceding 2013. Moreover, you don’t require you to have a big pocket. And how much quantum of money you invest, it swells that return its four times. The Direct Marketing Association unfolded this fact. 

So! Do you also want to create a highly effective and lead generating an email marketing campaign?

Run through these tips for generating them with email marketing: 

1. Ask the Data Subjects: Data subjects, being sources of data, are pivotal. The EU GDPR sticks around data security and delivering its control to the data subjects. Its breaching can levy a hefty penalty. Most of the outsourcing email data scraping solutions do not concern it seriously.  Therefore, kick start with getting the permission from your data subjects. Follow it up by asking for filling the contact form on your landing page.


- Redirecting to the website for raising inquiry generates a database of your prospective clients.

- The database ensures targeting them through promotional emails later.

2. Offer Freebie/Discount: How many promotional emails do you open to catch its content? Probably, their count is one or two a day.

Reason: Unattractive and unimpressive content

You should throw a surprise by offering something special through your email marketing campaign. Now, what could be that surprise!

It can be a freebie or probably a discount on the matters of your customer’s interest.  You may take inspiration from eCommerce brands, like Amazon and Flipkart. Follow their footprints by offering one or two freebies.


- The attention can convert a shopper into a customer. Simply say, sales can be just a click away through discount offering emails.

- The offers/discount will encourage buyers to visit the online store frequently in search of the same offers. It ensures re-targeting at no extra cost and efforts. 

3. Send Weekly Newsletters: A weekly newsletter unboxes the new launches, re-stocked products or an alert. Even, you can deliver tips and tricks regarding your services/products. Hence, you can send a newsletter every week to ping your target audience about new stock and benchmarks.


- The clicks will boost the traffic and hence, the visibility of your website. Your domain authority will spike.

- The targeted audience will recall your portfolio for years.

4. Look at Email’s Length: Lengthy content fails to fetch eyeballs. Mostly, people run out of time. They intend to spend time in pursuing their hobbies and likelihoods. It’s a cue to keep your email short, rather than drafting a long one. Come straight to the point in that mail. Define the end goal through a catchy call-to-action. Ask for contact details to further communicate.


- The turnaround time of blueprinting and sending email is fast due to being a short mail.

- Sharing contact with prospective buyers is easy.

5. Draw Attractive Subject Line: An unclicked email pays you nothing. Spend enough time in deciding the end goal and drafting the subject line. The users should feel connected in a wink after reading the subject line.


- The turnaround time from pitching through email to conversion is quick and short.

- Your sale will improve.

6. Optimize & Link: This is the end stop of your email marketing campaign. An optimized webpage is a priority for scrolling up visibility and hence, ranking online, as per Mobile-First Indexing update of Google. Besides, the optimization defines its flexibility to adapt any screen size, especially of an Android or iphone.  Otherwise, its illegible display can shut the door to opportunities. 

In all, you should link your email to the fully optimized landing page.


- The user gets a chance to come across vital aspects of the linked products/services.

- The seamless UX, via an optimized web page, has a higher propensity to be converted.