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Future of Technology That Will Outpace Trends

Well said by Edward Teller- “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

What we evolve have today has the hint of the future. Android Home, for example lets you easily connect to your light bulbs, coffee pots and more for personally controlling. What is being imagined will happen indeed. Very soon, the devices will be as intelligent as a human being. Your refrigerator, let’s say, will automatically sense and full the stock upon being run out of groceries.

Do you think it’s an illusion?  

Well, it is the future of technology. The upcoming years will likely witness what makes rounds in the back of your mind. To precisely speak about technology and information, there are diverse trends that could be the future of IT support and solutions.

1. Smart office will automate menial tasks:  Executing menial tasks is a boring job.

What if the lights would start turning on and off automatically?

What if projector would start auto-operating?

What if the screen would get ready to run a presentation or report? 

A smart office can help overcome this scarcity of skilled and expert workforce. At present, our intelligence interferes with devices to effectuate settings and timer. But predictions about the future technology will patch up this looming shortcoming. Simply say, the devices will automatically brainstorm what is the next to bring about.    

Google, for example, is running a secret lab in an undisclosed region, wherein robots configure the future. Many researchers are busy bees in following Google’s footprints to spin speculations by churning data through AI for future technology. This act could save on manual efforts. The robots will take the charge of meetings and other tasks of IT domain. And, the auto-run smart offices will minimize interference of a human being while carrying out IT infrastructural loads solely.                    

2. Data Driven IT services:  Research is a proven path to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of performances in any domain. Even, Google senses manipulations in the existing technology through data-driven analytics. So, you can easily measure performance if the related data is being mapped through a website or social handle.

It explicitly conveys the fact that a noticeable influx of data sticking around the niche proves value. The technology will be capable of assessing customer information in the real time. Later on, filtering customer behavior or, roadblocks will take place in a jiffy. Those who seek career opportunities in technology sector will capitalise on the sales journey. Their capitalization will begin at the very time, as the customer starts browsing their website. This is how pitching for the future sales through mobile shopping apps or websites will be no big deal.   

3. IT problems can be solved on social media: Social media were evolved for social animals in the beginning. Gradually, it has started impacting people. Its soaring popularity caught eyeballs of entrepreneurs. They intend to capitalise on the trust of nearly 83 percent consumers who make decisions by walking through their peers and groups on the social media. Any injustice or crime or bitter experience instantly gets viral.  An uploaded video of a mass stabbing or massacre, for instance, knocks at the instinct of viewers. This is why Whatsapp or Facebook amplifies to stop sharing hearsays because it knows that their impact can spread like the fire of a forest.

The IT firms could move to social accounts to entertain as well as address client’s requirements. However, this media is ignored to translate a huff (negative feedback or comments) into loyalty. But in the future, it will emerge as a new outlet to administer IT support.

4. Bots will replace manual IT services: Have you tried chatbot support for seeking any information?

These bots are user interfaces designed to simulate a conversation with human users over the internet. Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Duplex and other top guns of the technology world are merging semantic approach with conversation. This spectacular merger could automate understanding of what the user is likely to seek after. Thereby, engaging through catering intended information will engage as never happened before.

It simply conveys that your bot will be there 24/7 to bring about technology support and solution. Moreover, the self-service of your bot will be cost-effective communication, which continues to follow up.  

5. Real-time messaging will change emailing: Emailing is undoubtedly improved. The recent updates showcased the incredibility of bots. Auto-completion of sentences in Gmail messaging and semantic-data driven instinctive understanding by Cortana are amazing. The messaging might be chat-constrain. Thereby, expecting a real-time messaging and responsiveness can embed with the on-site conversation.

These five predictions can take technology of the future to the next level wherein human interference will be limited, whereas the auto-sensing driven through data will be exaggerated.