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Easy Tips for App Promotion on Google Play Store

Is your app up for downloads?

Is it getting good response?


Sometimes, the response is reverse to your expectation, despite airing an excellent product. It simply means that your product is not visible enough. It needs more exposure. A great exposure can cost you a fortune.  Yeah!

Here are a few easy to execute tips for app promotion on the Google Play Store:

1. Design incredible landing page: The best SEO consultant always recommend focusing on the landing page. Its optimization casts a ripple effect. The other integrated pages of that website also gain exposure. Utilize it for the app promotion. Simply put, optimize the landing page of your app.

If you haven’t optimized yet, design a new landing page sticking around these points:

  • The design should stick around branding.
  • Integrate killer screenshots and videos for comprehending what your app is all about.
  • Choose economical theme, as of the WordPress.

2. Get installs of your apps through FB:  A good app deserves great promotion. Now, brainstorm where you get the maximum viewers from. The SEO masters always prefer FB paid ads over other ads. It’s an ideal platform because:

  • You can advertise, both, iOS or Android app. 
  • Identifying users’ demographics, such as age and location, is easy to gauge their interest.
  • Run the FB campaign for letting your app win over a broad stage of approximately 2 billion users per day.
  • Integrate an email list of the target audience with the ad campaign, if you have any.

3. Install complete and optimized app: This tip concerns with pre-installation stage. You should always drill into your head that:

  • The app should be complete.
  • It should be optimized.

The partly completed app can lose on users. Thereby, your app rating will scroll down. Google Play is a market place wherein algorithms rate it higher since the beginning. The incomplete app can be rated down. Consequently, its download counts will be lesser that expected.   

4. Make it (free+ premium=) freemium app: When your app is gearing up for seeking attention, invite for free downloads to its base version. As its popularity gains momentum, the intended users end up paying for its advanced version. Alternatively,

  • You can launch a free app.
  • Launch its premium version, which has such awesome features that users find the point of no return.

5. Amplify good words about your app: Arguing with reviews is useless. Its every word is as sharp as a sword. You can easily capitalize on its power of changing the mindset, as Amazon and Google do. Besides, the paid and unpaid review sites are an open invitation to attract eyeballs in a wink. You can:

  • Search the sites like and
  • Publish positive feedbacks and highlight unique features               
  • Submit an article/blog wherein bloggers vote the app

6. YouTube promotion: As I mentioned in the first point, embed some videos featuring your apps functions. You can also couple it with:

  • YouTube video promotion strategy.
  • Make informative videos
  • Integrate their links with the email campaigning for better understanding of your app
  • Ask for a favour to send positive feedbacks 

7. Socialize and Attend: Social circle always looks for the unique app generally. The techies often look for such apps that can be beneficial for them. You can maximize the utility of this prospect by:

  • Submitting your app on the social networks, like Reddit Android
  • Invite upvotes
  • Broadcast its launch date and features publicly through a press release.

8. Guest blogging: It’s a revolutionary idea to write a niche blog. There are many sites and platforms that invite guest bloggers to open their heart about a product. However, they aim at affiliate marketing through it. But, you can go ahead and maximize the advantages of guest blogging to promote your app.