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3 Reasons Why Business Consultant Recommends Cloud Telephony

Do you have any idea why BPOs and KPOs deliver efficiency? Do they have any magic that produces leads and keeps the business going on & on?

Yes, it’s true that BPOs and KPOs deliver expertise via impeccable customer support. Overwhelming leads narrates its phenomenal contribution. Indeed, it’s cloud communication that works miracles but, from the back stage. Flooding requests for business solutions online stamps its feasibility.  

Cloud communication can prove as the backbone of any business. It’s irresistible to skip its significance in the present scenario where cloud technology is taking the pan world by storm.  

Excited to know what’s it? Let’s walk through it.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony aka cloud communication is an interactive telecommunication application wherein internet, switching and storage breathe fresh life into it. Suppose an outsourcing mining company wanted to grow exponentially. To make it happen, it shed off its traditional industrial outfit. By replacing chair-bound pitching trick, it hired the latest cloud telephony solutions. The devices, like mobile phone numbers, PRIs, audio storage, and internet were employed & configured in sync. 

Without compromising the old infrastructure, slight fine-tuning was transformed it from rags to riches. Right way of pitching began to flow the leads in. And when conversion occurred, it turned into a cash cow. Most of the time, the third party or a reputed outsourcing business company is hired to do so.  

Why cloud telephony?   

1. Infinite customers get support: Customers are gems to which an organization always wants to grab. Just go in flash back and imagine how difficult it used to be to pitch through a single corporate landline phone. Just 15 to 20 calls could be possibly made. But the exquisite cloud telephony allows you to pitch infinite numbers of customers. Even, multiple calls can be routed, recorded & tracked simultaneously in short time.  

2. Allows remote working in flexible hours: Imagine you, as an employee, have liberty to complete 8 hours/ day. Far-located employees would walk in air and their efficiency multiplies in such situation. And what if they would be able to work from remote regions when they fail to join the office? With cloud telephony, the customer support executives can tap-n-track their clients from wherever at any time.

This is the prime reason why business consultant in Gold Coast, or Brisbane or in any country inherently support cloud communication. Consequently, the output reflects quality work.

3. Call analytics improves quality: Analytics are the key to potential growth strategies. By tapping calls, SMS sent or received, the call patterns can be unearthed easily. Since A to Z calls are recorded, the analyst can easily rewind them to filter the quality calls. Thereby, the strategy to follow up the productive ones and lead conversion would be easy to derive accordingly.