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Is Behavioral Scanning the Gen-Next IT Security System?

How do you secure your email account? Do you scan your iris for securing your FB account? Do you think biometric scanning can secure our personal details? While answering these queries and other security threats, let we share what would be gen-next IT security systems.    

Present security layer:

If you think a smart work of providing strong password can save your details from hackers, then you are at the wrong end of the security stick. What a strong password implies is the perfect blend of alphanumeric characters with special character today. Although such kind of password can shield your sensitive information, but the question is “Can it provide immortal security to your account”.  Biometric scanning that captures finger prints and the iris is undoubtedly an outstanding idea to prevent hacking.

But it’s a daunting challenge to provide permanency to security amid ever advancing tech hacks. Cyber spies have grown to such extent that hacking the password with account details is no big deal. The so called Phishing attempt can lure and steal away ATM pin number or CVV number or the netbanking password. Would you ever appreciate if someone snoops in your website’s admin details? Instead, you would disgust over such malicious attempt.   

Before take a leap to prospective security alternatives, let’s find out the loops that are caused due to shortcoming of present security system. 

Causes of security threat: Cybercrime is at peak today. But it would be at pinnacle tomorrow if the security layer is not made super robust. The widespread use of artificial intelligence can put it in the danger zone. All records of frauds got broken when 1.8 million accounts of US citizens were snooped in 2016.

Every time, it’s not the hack-attempt but our own ignorance that routes security fallout. Forgetting the password is the major cause of it.      

  • Locked out of account: Suppose you forgot to insert a special character in the pre-set password of your netbanking while logging in. Your memory lost it and your every wrong entry of password locked you out of your netbanking account. You would have no way left but to hire an IT solutions providing expertise. However, it is the incident of memory loss. This is the commonest IT problem observed in the financial institutions/banks.     
  • Hacking: It’s the most threatening cybercrime to which Phishing, API tracking and keylogging strengthen. Even, fingerprint biometrics can be fooled by using fake copy of gelatin.

In view of such kind of breaching tricks, gen next security system is in pipeline.  Since eyes and fingerprint scanning is no more secure, it has become a need of hour. 

So, what’s that? Wanna know? Get your eyes down to know it.   

Future security layer:

Have you heard of behavioral biometrics? Ok, how is that if your smile and way of operating mouse is scanned? Obviously, hackers would put their heart and soul to automate mimicking human inputs. But to make it tougher than ever, capturing behaviour as password would be great brainstorming. It is utmost difficult to make the habits or behaviour vulnerable.

Efforts are putting in to make the security system more sophisticated. By stimulating machine learning more advanced using artificial intelligence, it would be a piece of cake to develop stringent security system. Thereby, third party’s attempt to breach security would be the toughest battle.