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3 Tips for Data Management & Lead Building

Are digitized industries a threat to conventional businesses? Will there be any extant of the non-digital organizations in future? The digitized industry is the business ambit. Technology powers it either at backend or in frontend. Think yourself what made the biggest brands, like L’oreal, Hyundai, Kwality, KFC, Armani and Rolex etc. a big name. Despite hailing from diverse domains, all these have one thing in common. It’s their worldwide outreach through digital platform. 


How does digital platform generate leads through real-time data?

Why did they shift their shop to digital platform? It’s actually the data of the customers that has the dash of real-time. Data has been building success-blocks for years. But the recent incorporation of technology innovation with internet has dug holes to tap the most upgraded data. Puzzling?

Let’s say you are browsing amazon app. You login to check various offers and then, shut it down without shopping. You can check your gmail inbox to tap the reactions of your action. The quick analytics of its backend analytics will funnel out what you searched. Subsequently, the images of the browsed products produce accurate analysis. On seeing the products that reflect your instinct, the amazon shows touch points that tempt you to buy.  This is how real-time data generates leads and accelerates business.  

The day is not so far when the entire industry would be on technology platform. As per market research of the tech-giant Dell, digital startups are emerging as the biggest threat to the traditional traders.   This threat of survival would compel all traders to not only digitize but also set up in-house digital staff.

Data, indeed, is the real game changer. Digital platform lets the trader sense what consumers’ desire. He needs not go through market research ordeals for getting meaningful data. The underway to leads and enormous revenue goes through data extraction. Undoubtedly, this way is full of complications. But there are some more tricks to get it.   

1.Look to merge rather than competing: A market has hundreds of merchants & retailers dealing in the identical business. For example, there are five to eight shoppers who sell footwear.

In such case, competition would be cut-throat. What if you get off competing? Don’t get the wrong idea. Look at the other aspect of it. How is it if you incorporate with the top sellers rather than flourishing business rivalry?      

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg did so by inking deal of merger with Instagram and Whatsapp. The headcount of whatsapp’s active users surpassed 1.2 billion monthly. This figure is giving a tough time to the facebook that has 1.86 billion active users every month.

This kid of initiative will let you join the league of innovative and efficient competitors. Together, you can take on the widest share of valid data. Managing such data would enable lead generation with least of efforts and cost. And you can focus on enhancing key skills and core attributes to rock at the global stage.    

2.Open the platform for all:  Creativity needs time to innovate. Overnight happens only miracle which occurs once in a blue moon. However, the security of sensitive data is essential but you can’t keep the tracking trick in locks.

Do it as Wikipedia does. Anyone can edit the content anytime from anywhere. But if an alien interprets incorrect information, the backend team undoes the wrong changes. 

Likewise, the APIs, where all commands of the website are stores, should be open to all. Thereby, other needy people can access essential data. You can deploy secure passwords or firewall that halts the stranger’s entry. This practice would be helpful in web-scraping of the customers’ data that results in lead generation.   

3.Be experimental for building trust: None can build trust in a day. Have you seen promotional ads of the upcoming movies? They are the sheer efforts of promoting the movie so that people would go to the theatre and let the producers & their team earn.

Being loyal to put in effort and doing something unique & useful is ok. But stardom comes only when your efforts are taken into public. This is why data mining outsourcing company is approached. It scraps the meaningful data that captures consumers’ behaviour, competitors’ data, income patterns, expenditure practices, interest models and so on.  When the entrepreneur analyses the data, the viable & transformative marketing strategies take birth. Eventually, the most saleable business trick comes in spotlight that returns with millions of leads.