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How Does SEO Expert Provide Solutions for Ads?

Are you still searching for the leads on the internet? I’m damn sure that you would be drilling through it. It’s like a walkover. Just put the target audience in the search box. And here, pop the audience address.

Now, what would you do?

Call on each number.

Or, would you shoot an email with an attached proposal to each one? 

These all are gone offbeat. Time has wings. And, you can’t afford to waste in shooting the mails & wait for the subsequent inquiries. If you leap into that outdated bandwagon, you’ll lose the track of time. Google Ads are in. It’s been trending for quite some time now. Hundreds of SEO companies jump through marketing hoops with these ads. They win thousands of leads as rewards.

If you’re not aware of the professional SEO services, it’s Ok. Here we have a trick to let you master the art of drafting a blockbuster online ad. Before that, you ought to be aware of the standards around which such professionals spin the digital ads.         

Google Standards for Drafting Ads:

1. Headline of 30 characters:

 For an ad, you need a quirky headline. It must be crisp and have gravity to hook the eyeballs. Get it shrunk within 30 characters.  

2. Ad text of 80 characters:

You can’t wrap up your call to action in just 25 characters long heading. Google acknowledges this fact. Therefore, its guidelines offer 70 characters length to add more punch to your digital ad. 

3. Display url of 30 characters:

The search engine lets you guide the target audience over where they can call or land for making an inquiry. It appears as a 30-character long url just below the ad headline. It navigates to what the professional SEO service provider calls a “landing page”. Basically, it is optimized in such a format that reflects a lead-specific webpage. It identifies the settings that bridge the gap between the incoming traffic & the online merchant. The audience toggles to him/her by filling an inquiry form or calling on the given email/ contact number.

These three are the bottom lines to construct an online ad.

Let’s garb some worthier tips to get an exhaustive number of clicks and inquiries through a CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) ad. You can get down to your target audience in a wink online.  We’ll discuss about it in our upcoming pieces of writing.

Winning formula to maximize clicks & relevant inquiries:  

1. Pain-Point in headline

Spin your ad within 25 characters in the headline. Now, it’s the biggest eye-catcher that’s going to cast your first impression. Make sure that it would be mind-blowing & ever-lasting. So be choosy with your final words.

“What should I write in that would stick as mind-boggling in the customer’s mind”- it might be popping in your mind. Bear in mind that the online traffic throws a cursory look at the heading. If it doesn’t resonate with its desire/requirement, it jumps to another more relevant.    

What else than the pain point has such gravitation! Include the commonest problem that your target audience encounters. Go through this ad:

This ad echoes the pain of acne and its scar distorting the look. It’s the core reason of shattering the confidence level. The onlookers relate themselves with it. Eventually, you would win the half of that battle.

2. Offer Ad Text:-

Let’s move to the text section of the ad. If you want to get SEO solutions by experts, integrate the possible solutions to the audience pain point. In addition, you can make it fairer by adding credentials & benefits.

Your voice won’t touch the string of your customer’s heart unless you resonate with ‘you’. Rather than using I, we, he/she & our, you should use this magical pronoun ‘You’. It sounds familiar.

You can add the contact number or address to enquire in this section. Do mention the local address since it gets more specific and niche-based inquiries.  Keep it just 70 characters long.

3. Display URL:

It’s the most vital part of your ad. Follow the mandatory guideline of keeping the url just 35 characters long. Also, do add the hyperlink that would navigate to the landing page.  Always attach the link of the webpage that is optimized as per the SEO standards.