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How to Decide Which Server is Best for Your Business?

Do you know how zillions of websites run smoothly on the internet?

Which is that magical device that host a number of web programs together?     

When do you require which server?

The host, indeed, is a server. It proactively controls the clear sailing of all connected computers or programs. It evolution proves a boon for the digital business. Every website requires a hosting to get launched on the platform of the internet.     

If you’re a startup or your business is in the nascent phase, the shared server would be the best choice. Later on, when your website pulls in the traffic in hundreds to millions a day, that server won’t take on its burden. The server will start exhausting due to pressure. An immeasurable figure of transactions will hamper its uploading in just 3 seconds (that is a standard).  The sluggish network means slow penetration of the traffic and transactions. The visibility of your website would definitely come down.    

Meantime, a dedicated server can take out your sinking ship.

What a Dedicated Server can do?

This kind of server is designed to endure a heavy traffic. The eCommerce & large scale business websites witness the heaviest traffic. Their online space is a unification of simple and complex applications, like CRM, CMS and payment gateways.

This server offers you a personalized online space wherein none is there as your neighbor. Neither would you face the downtime due to a huge number of data access & sharing. Consequently, the accessibility of data would be as fast as a thunderbolt. Also, it enables you to expand quickly and proactively. The absence of any neighbor would help you come across heavy traffic seamlessly and reliably.

In the nutshell, the dedicated server is a host deployed for serving just one purpose. Neither do you need to reflect your website name with a sub-domain, for example,   Here, the word .nic (network use only) displays a sub-domain.

So if you want to capitalize on hundreds of clicks every day, the dedicated server can serve your motto. 

How to decide a suitable server for your business?

  • Operating system:

Operating system (OS) is the one that supports your computer’s basic functions. If you consider the example of a POC, the server installation would require labeling connected peripherals and the terminal(s). So majorly, there are two prominent OSes.  The one is Windows based while the other one points to the Linux-based.

The Windows is the most popular OS. Being the most loveable OS, you’ll never face off the shortage of its engineers and experts. Contrarily, the Linux based OS has a wide number of functionalities. However, both run through the different database languages. If you need an adaptive OS for the complex web space, the latter one is good.

  • Assistance in getting the fastest processing:

Assess first your pocket. If you have a deep pocket, you ought to pick up the strongest processor. After pocket, you must give a cursory look into your scalability plan. To meet the frequent scalability, you might require multiple processors. If you have multiple processing anywhere in your mind, the dedicated server would assist you in this.

  • 24/7 Support:

The beauty of the eCommerce business is its 24X7 accessibility. People love to explore it round o’clock. Any flaw or a downtime can divert hundreds of leads. The impulsive audience tends to wait for just 3 to 5 seconds. Subsequently, it looks for another alternative.

Hence, you will develop a perception to search for the host that is capable of resolving your queries anytime. Timely reports and IT management would help you to get rid of uncertain downtime. Do ask for the turnaround times from the selected server installation service provider. Also, identify whether or not it provides email support.  

  • Customization:

Every business is unique and so are its requirements. Every server installing organization has its defined package. Let’s say, an organization specifies various processors, their speed, RAM, hard-disk space and RAID with their charges.

You should know your budget and then, select the package. But sometimes, you don’t satisfy with the package. At that time, you can ask for plus and minus in the package. If they really want you to be on their customers’ board, they would address your request and customize the package.

Alternatively, you can own a dedicated server. But this would not be the wisest idea if you don’t possess any technical skillsets, like how to set up, manage, incident determining, disaster management, data migration and IT support. Else, you can go for the IT support services.

So, you ought to catch a glance of your server package. Go through the checklist of the services. Then, match up with your requirements. Subsequently, you would have a defined picture of what services you would like to have and what don’t.