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Top Digital Marketing Tools That Are A Must To Have in 2019

Digital marketing is turning into a marketing uprising. It delivers a competitive edge by providing with all tools and tricks that can remove the gap between your target audience and your brand. Calling the internet marketing a ‘lag buster’ is absolutely correct. Generally speaking, the marketing (be it online marketing or offline marketing) strategy brings you in a winning situation. It happens only when you have an opulent knowledge about your target audience, trends, purchasing patterns and a lot more factors that configure a sale.

What makes this era memorable is the boom of digital trends. Thanks to it that you have the digital marketing tools! With the help of these top digital marketing tools, you can push your competitors behind and win the edge over them. These tools help you to smartly work with the data, data monitoring, ads and their analysis.

If you also want to stay ahead of the pack, you should introduce these tools, which are free digital marketing tools. Let’s go through the rundown of these top five online marketing tools and their benefits:

1. Google Trends

How does the Google Trends tool benefit?

  • Tap the hottest trends which people mostly talk about in your domain.
  • Keep eyes on the backlinks that have high PR as well as high DA.
  • Gain the insight of which regions have a high interest.
  • Select the best performing keywords in the local area, like SEO Gold Coast, or Seattle in the US, to attract leads and conversions.
  • Identify what your competitors are doing.
  • Check how your brand and its branding are going on.

2. Google Keyword Planner

How does the Google Keyword Planner tool benefit?

  • Identify the best performing keywords list.
  • Search for exact keyword, broad keyword & phrase.
  • Know the search volume of the keywords.
  • Determine the competition amongst advertisers globally and locally.
  • Discover keywords via Google instant search.
  • Analyze the searched keywords for creating the best SEO strategy.

3. Ahrefs:

How does the Ahreds tool benefit?

  • Check competitors’ traffic pulling content to extract opportunities for attaining top of the SERPs position to generate leads & conversions.
  • Sneak peek into the competitors’ strategy of attracting backlinks by exploring the overview, back links and referring domains.
  • Use alerts to fetch new backlinks that emerge as a pool of opportunities.
  • Identify low density keywords that register high traffic and have the potential to raise business inquiries.
  • Know the loops that pull down your webpage’s Google ranking to replace them with the best SEO techniques and alternatives.
  • Grab the opportunities to get quality backlinks through guest blogging.
  • Attend its Rank Tracker to monitor progression or regression of your ranking pages.
  • Spot rifts in your content strategies to build them effectively.
  • Determine broken links to repair them via redirecting method so that the back linking strategy can yields good result.
  • Identify the broken links of your competitors’ websites to capitalize on them.

  4. Facebook Smart Insights

How does the Facebook Smart Insights tool benefit?

  • Get tremendous global exposure in a wink
  • Great advertising platform via low investment
  • Open gateways to reach prospects for onboarding more clients.
  • Loyalty to your brand develops
  • Web traffic via FB referrals rolls up and up
  • Catch competitors’ insight using the information of the Facebook Insights
  • Develop a sense of innovation in the internet marketing strategies.

5. Google Adwords

How does the Google Adwords tool benefit?

  • Develop quicker link than that of the SEO strategies to your target audience for enhancing your brand’s visibility.
  • Create brand awareness that ends up at maximizing traffic, clicks and conversions.
  • Anchor more customers through email marketing.
  • Rebuild roadways of the existing and former customers via remarketing on display network and remarketing on the search network.
  • Evaluate your digital advertisement marketing performance consistently.
  • Attract more new customers through CPC or PPC campaign.
  • Develop advertising strategies by watching your competitor’s ad campaigns.
  • Prompt your customers to purchase.
  • Help in filtering the serious buyers through measuring up the CTR of your ad.
  • Localize your ad campaign for outperforming in your local business.
  • Gain ability to schedule your ads.