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What’re Future Data Entry Trends for Automobile MR?

This is an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Won’t get the idea what does it mean? It’s actually the power of perception in the machine.  Let’s get down deep to its meaning through an example.

Google Home has recently created a buzz because of its sensation power. What the user instructs by voice calling, this AI in the device captures, comprehend and then, calls Internet of Things (IoT) to work. Let’s say I instruct it to play the amplifier by voice calling. The voice-sensitive sensors catch it on. Then, it follows up what the voice directed (start playing music).

Do you think invention of this ground-breaking device was a random idea? No, not at all! A thorough research and corresponding efforts were put. Consequently, the revolutionary discovery came in spotlight.    

Can you believe that AI can breathe a new life into automobiles? Although the analysts have to bite bullets for deriving revolutionary changes, but eventually, the change would be path-breaking.  Let’s catch on how big data digs out ground-breaking ideas.  

IoT & AI for detecting vehicle’s dents

Had it be possible to foresee the mechanical flaws, the automobile engineer would be walking on the air. Today, it’s no more a dream but the reality. DAQRI’s AI based helmet is smart enough to sense prior of falling an object on the head of the engineer. Its thermal vision enables him to diagnose and detect hazard of overheating components.

Likewise, Heavy machine maker ‘Caterpillar’ capitalized on augmented reality to premeditate the would-be wear and tear. A visual overlay lets the engineer find faulty component that is likely to replace. The data of its actions gets registered to the augmented reality app. Then, the digital data entry of automotive flaws enables the researcher to anticipate the prospective breakdown. It’s a breakthrough in the vehicle maintenance operations.          

Big data keeps watch on the road & traffic

Big data can put an eye on road and traffic- Does it sound awkward? Although it sounds so but IoT and apps can prove it correct. To know how, walk through this finest example.

Have you heard of Uber’s revamped android as well as iOS apps? By getting night view of the roadmap, the app users can get off distraction of bright light when it is dark outside. Even, the real-time traffic lets the driver catch the preview of the jammed roadways.

For example, the Uber cab chauffeurs in Brisbane, Australia need not move heaven and earth to know the traffic update. The data of upcoming traffic and location will be popped up before the drive. Consequently, proper analysis would ensure safe and short journey.

On the other hand, the Uber management would collect feedbacks and implications from the users. The cab drivers data entry of Brisbane automobiles would enrich Uber data analysts with the real-time data. Subsequently, ideating revolutionary features, like sensing prospective collision, would be a piece of pie.          

Data analytics to jazz up with insurance policy:

The cover of Insurance makes the automotive business climb up success ladder. The automotive industry gets off prospective fear of accident through it. Isn’t it worth million dollar idea to get custom insurance? Custom insurance has the assured cover of uncertain harm to automotive.

Nauto’s developers are chewing bitter pills to give us safe and secure driving experience. The AI-based cloud platform is in the pipeline which has the mix of unimaginable features. Suppose the sensors in cab push alert button automatically when it is going to encounter an uncertain collision.

If, anyhow, the accident occurs, the insurance company would reach to exact cause of it. The sensors in AI app and camera would help in identifying it. Thereby, determining types of insurance cover and its quantum would be speedy and accurate.     


Like benefits, there are numerous challenges that emerge alongside. Hacking and stealing of personalized data would be the biggest challenge to cope up with.  

Let’s say the hacker enters the data produced by the sensors in automobile. The tremendous catastrophe can be planned with IoT by the evil programmer. Consequently, the loss of life and property would take us to the no wonderland and comfort-zone.