Halt! Spare A Minute to Sneak Peek Into Our Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

We are committed to privacy the user’s information. We make sure to keep your information/data confidential & highly secured. You, as a user while downloading or using our web content, shall be abided by our privacy policy.

Indemnity to Security:

Your personal information, including email, mailing address & phone number etc., are subjected to keep privacy, we make sure its upkeep and confidentiality. We raise users’ information to deliver enhanced customer experience which spikes our credibility. By showcasing our supportive attribute, we keenly observe that our customers’ info shall not be passed to the third-party. If we need to do so, prior consent shall be taken from you.


We have installed IT-infrastructure and highly secured server that are capable of failing the attack of hackers. Keeping in view the sensitivity of personal information, we have installed a premium firewall. Also, the staff and ITians appointed at MultiTech IT are the safest, trustworthy & reliable hands to avoid leakage of sensitive information.

Secured Cookies:

Cookies are the small files that stockpile privacy information to login the personal details. Browsers exchange it to enable the accessibility of the users. We make sure that the browser would take permission of the browser to save the sensitive information. Subsequent to permission, our application saves them for smooth transmission of information by recognizing users. By piling up cumulative data-files of the visitors, we usher the best customer experience.

What About Third Party Links?

Our online activities and active traffic generate as well as multiple backlinks. Consequently, our users get gateway to click and open various websites. Kindly note that an individual website runs its own independent privacy policies to which every user must be abided by. Our privacy policies don’t exempt them directly. If anyhow, their policies are breached through third-party links, we endure no liability in such cases.