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Data Extraction Services

The data hide millions of trading secrets. This is why it is known as a gold mine. Be it a shopping portal or your inbox, you’re flocked by zillions of data sets. To access your target audience, you need the website analysis. Even, tapping to likes and dislikes of your customers requires the real-time data. Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) have redefined the way of marketing & trading.

If you, too, want to stay ahead of the curve, you need the niche-based data sets. Data extraction can help you fetch those secrets. We, at Multitech IT, deliver you the extracts of the relevant and precise data. We ensure delivery of accurate and tailored datasets via outsourcing our data extraction services in Gold Coast, QLD. You need the patterns or the models that iterate what your customers require. We hand them over to you with ease.

The trade secrets in the form of shopping patterns, trends, customer behavior and demography will be all yours. We drop the convenience at your end. You can ping to us through live chat or just, give us a ring. Later, we’d come up with the extracts of data as per your query. These would prove fundamental blocks in your market research and analysis.

Data Extraction Process

A procedural work caters a subtle vision. Walking down the blind alley takes nowhere. Our data extraction methods run on a sequential track. Have a glimpse over it:

Catching insight:

A clear insight lets you board the ship that leads to a correct destination. We get the insight for the accurate analysis of what you require.

Making a blueprint of what-to-do:

Once we’re done with the insight, our data experts draft a blueprint of end-to-end process. It comprises of what, when, who and how we would proceed.

Capturing the data from various online networks:

or any business directory, our experts pull out all the stops. Eventually, we fetch the data corresponding to your query.

Funneling the relevant data-chunks:

Without relevancy, the extracted data is futile. To let you derive some value out of the delivered data, we deliver the data of the real worth. It would be authentic and genuine.

Streamlining the data architecture:

What you get is an eye-catching and sorted form of the data. A team of data stalwarts stacks the scraped data in a candid and comprehensive format. The data sources and the stacked data, both, are streamlined for fast understandability.

Running quality check modules:

Collating the data on a bulk may lead to errors. Duplicity may be there. We eliminate such flaws by running several quality check modules.

Our Offerings:
Web Scraping:
  • Our data extraction tools and techniques extract
  • The data of consumers, market and competitors.
  • Meta data of the websites
  • Information from the online news and PR websites
Database Extraction
  • Scraping data from various databases
  • Mining data across multiple databases and in diverse formats
  • Digging out the database of your competitor for a competitive analysis
  • Trimming out the authentic data from the feedbacks/ reviews/ blogs/ forums

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