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Call support or assistance is a great way to take your leads’ counts by far the most of all times. Multitech IT is always open with the best & very professional call center services in Australia. We are the chosen breed of calling experts who hold entire grinding work to generate leads by communicating with your customers.

Our outsourcing service providers are capable enough to identify transformative yet cheap BPO solutions that are way far from your normal vision. Experience and expertise together have built such glasses that help us to see through what you could not find before.

Besides cost effectiveness, you can have more benefits of call centers that work from the backstage, generating leads, converting customers, upselling and a lot more. Remote chat or telecommunication is the best way to get to the target without sucking up time and energy.

Services We Offer:

    Inbound Call Centers

  • This facility is a boon for Australians to pitch indigenous customers. Our professional team handles all domestic queries with care to turn them into a great response. This help desk is good enough to take outbound queries as expertly as it deals with inbound ones.
  • Outbound Call Centers

  • We are trained professionals who always stay ready to bite bullets while interacting with outbound customers. Apart from telemarketing, our outbound BPO services make cold calls for sales or fund-raising, updating contact list, conducting surveys and verifications.
  • Telemarketing

  • This is a kind of direct marketing, wherein our expert salesperson navigates the prospects either on phone or face-to-face selling upon web conferencing or remote interaction.
  • Technical Support

  • It is also a remote assistance, which involves exchange of responses against the action of technical queries. These generally stick around maintenance and assistance about hardware and software systems anywhere in the world. As we keep IT engineers and advanced skills in the front & center, fixing any technical issue seems no big deal.
  • Business Process

  • It’s a BPM facility that may vary as per requirement of well-rounded processes. We put all-nighters on providing incessant support to organisations that is to achieve a specific goal through outsourcing.
  • Email Support

  • It is an asynchronous assistance that we communicate through emails. Despite your customers being absent on the other side, we send an electronic mail to get the engagement going on and on. It is the best way to entertain ad hoc customers’ query together with many other ones.
  • Chat Support

  • It is a sort of synchronous messaging, which mandates texting or messaging between the sender and the recipient. Both parties should be present at the same time. However, there are some triggers that you can preset beforehand in the settings, which certainly ensures engagement.

If you need any assistance in managing your call or aforementioned processes, Multitech IT would be the best choice that you seek in an outsourcing call support providers.