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Data Cleansing

Cleansing, also known as scrubbing, is the process of filtering oddities. Multitech IT gets itself through to identifying incomplete, invalid and irrelevant information. We, then, do the needful for calling consistency in place.

Despite being complicated, we try tons of hacks to manipulate consistency in the records. This is not enough because there appear some entries that are incomplete, that have incompetency or, that look like acronyms or a kind of abbreviation. So, we put cleansing services front and center so that you won’t fear about the accuracy, consistency and relevancy. We completely burn ourselves out to discover our best efforts so that creating an error free record won’t turn out a hard practice.

Certainly, you can then take full ownership of that consistent record or information and later, get more out of it through deep analysis.

Process We Follow:


  • This is what needs you to pull up sleeves for capturing relevant and important ingredients apart from a other records. Most of the challenges pop up during this phase during extraction, transfer and loading, which brings a lot of pain along with. The good thing is that this pain can be over. We, as a scrubbing company, play the role of the captain in this field.
  • Rectification

  • Typos and grammatical errors can take hours or days to be rectified. So, we commit hours to train our teams beforehand, jotting down all common errors in one place to make them future-ready. A quality analyst is always there to examine and give the feedback.
  • Filling Up The Missing

  • Some hasty moves can leave some fields blank. We fill them up with what is relevant upon tracing the requisites, like zip codes, postal address and a lot more. We ace the art of searching the fillers.
  • Normalisation

  • Abbreviations are the outcomes of some hasty work. With normalization, we expand acronyms and abbreviations. However, this task sucks on time and efforts. Yet, we search for the exact match to get them filled accurately.
  • Standardisation

  • We master the outsourcing skills of standardizing, or optimizing records in a uniform layout. Managing massive information needs unwavering confidence in self and smart structuring. We ace this art, segmenting all tables or files in such formats that look symmetrical in architecture.
  • Validation

  • What fits and what does not-validation checks it all. Our work ceaselessly continues unless there spares no invalid entry.
  • Dealing With Duplicates

  • It is not easy to deal with duplicate entries. While migrating or converting via OCR, the duplicity oftentimes poses a challenge. So, we put our brain and software at work to remove duplicate information.

Multitech IT invites queries for data cleansing services. If you want to get off oddities that interrupt breakthroughs to come up front, we are here 24 X 7 just to serve you.