Fleshing Out of Data Is Must for Makeover

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Data Processing

Data processing refers to manipulating the massive collection of records to translate into information. We, at Multitech IT, move a step ahead, picking out the real meaning from digitally accessible databases. Our outsourcing processing solutions hold a great advantage due to unrivalled expertise, skills and processing.

We are keen on making things easier for you so that you can remotely access the insights, be it from retail, banking & insurance, education, health & wellness, media and entertainment. With us, you need not think a lot about how to access what and how to make it enriched of intelligence. Our processing company tackles it all, safeguarding your information efficiently in Google cloud or our server.

We are certainly dependable for you that always turn on by the idea of infusing innovation & creativity with intelligence. Not only is web extraction, but also the optical character recognition defines our versatility and advantages that you get through processing services.


    Offline Capturing

  • For diving deep into, we get support from expert web researchers. They grind hard to learn about the project’s insight while keeping into account the goal. Then, identifying the most suitable research methods, such as offline surveys that lead to form/ image/order processing or any focus group, seems easy.
  • OCR

  • Optical character recognition belongs to scanning purpose. If your project is concerned with digital scanning, we deploy our scrappers, applications and OCR experts to turn that information into digital format.
  • Web Scraping

  • Like offline information, you may need digital copies of some valuable contents. So, we call our software and developers on duty to turn all-nighters for extracting specific facts and figures from websites. This is how the ETL process of mining initiates.
  • Data Entry

  • This offering appears big in the role, especially when we have captured content by unlocking APIs. Since every web layout looks unique, we manage to extract such stuffs that are clearly visible and legible. The blurred and illegible information needs our manual force to interfere with, which we always do adeptly.
  • Compiling

  • We work as a team, which requires dissemination of efforts. So, we distribute all records in between team members. Once they all get done with data entry, compiling trails. Our TLs becomes the captain of this ship and then, the journey to collate the entire content in one place begins.
  • Scrubbing

  • This phase is really crucial in terms of filtering duplicates, inconsistencies, invalid entries and incomplete data. We keep quality leaders for this key role that frequently run process to scrub or cleanse that information.
  • Verification

  • Verification certifies all entries, whether or not they are valid, complete and standard. Since we are not a new kid to the scene, we know how to effectively assign these tasks in the hierarchy. Eventually, you get what is relevant and consistent to sift intelligence through.

If you need data processing services of any kind, Multitech IT is there to assist you 24X7 because you deserve the best.