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Market Research

Market research is to identify price, products, place and people for upselling your products and services. In short, it’s a drilling of pervasive trends & customer behaviour. Multitech IT works on no half-baked ideas, but proven methods to facilitate excellent market research services. With our outsourcing solutions, you always stay ahead of all in the competition.

The real-time information brings along with an edge, which stems by analyzing the collection of particular records. These can be dedicated to the mining of characteristics, spending habits, geo-locations and many other requirements of industries like retail, banking & insurance, education, health & wellness, technology and media & entertainment. We outsource all these while lingering on latest technologies & methods.

When you know all about the target marketplace, you stand in a strong position to start or scale up. Even, the risk won’t be that much higher, as you would have foreseen challenges, threats & competition way before you run your small scale business activities. Our research company gets more out of these methods to top up to your benefits and that all comes in a shoestring budget.



  • First, we thrive hard to collect more and more information via in-person, telephone, mails or online surveys. Our expert researchers ask a series of niche-based questions in a questionnaire to a concise target audience, which eventually translates into opinions and preferences.
  • Focus Groups

  • We jot down open-ended questions in a volley that can attract responses, dedicated to the goals. Then, our researchers reach focus groups with these scripted questions at neutral locations. If required, we record audios and videos to collect observations & hence, gain insights.
  • Personal Interviews

  • Like surveys, we script questions for interviews that are mostly open-ended. Generally, they turn out great in terms of deep observations because just one takes at least one hour typically. If your requirement is subjective data, it’s the first and foremost choice.
  • Observation

  • It is different in terms of accuracy. Rather, it is way more effective because we deploy our professionals to observe the behavior of the target audience in a real time. They capture them in videos and audios, at home, at work or anywhere to get the real sense of their tendencies and shopping patterns.
  • Field Trials

  • Using this method, our team looks keen on noticing the response of the new launch in the real-life selling conditions. The outcome proves critical in cases that are attributed to notice improvement and enhancement in the product or pricing. It is again based on specific requirements.

If you intend to know more about your market, Multitech IT stands just for you to assist with market research services in Australia. You can ring or shoot an email to send your queries.