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With digital disruption in place, every industry wants to feel heard, recognized and appreciated for being a better performer. Only digitization can make it happen. It is great when you need to observe the performance or results in a few minutes. You can get off the long term stress of going through hard copies, spending weeks or months in figuring out plus and minus in a particular business performance.

Role & Importance

Using Optical Character Recognition, Multitech IT works from behind-the-scene, infusing magic of digitization in your back-office work. We provide support to entrepreneurs with their online conversion of documents, wherein simultaneously recognising text within an image file speaks up all about what we do. Our OCR services take you to the level where you can easily communicate with the softcopies without any hustle, transforming every process, every procedure.

Here, we can support you with customized machine-recognising text conversion services. You need not go through all papers, which sucks your time, money and energy

Our Process


  • People have data in bulk, but these are found in files or papers only. Turning around pages to compare, filter or find out some breakthroughs seems a big burden. You cannot go on and on without analysing the performance, the inventory, the stock, the expenditure, the transactions and a lot more.

    So, we capture every file, folder or invoice using sophisticated scanners or digital cameras. If they are in PDFs, our expert scrapers break in through codes that can be customized as per requirements.
  • Recognising

  • Capturing triggers the editing attribute in the digital text files. Sometimes, the unique layout of every PDF creates a big hurdle in creating a copy that looks similar to the original one. So, we refine them, revising their layout and cleansing.
  • Manipulating

  • This step involves storing files in a safe and secure warehouse. We save all converted files separately in a properly segmented cloud or server, which removes all barriers in converting them into an intended format for transferring.
Accuracy Parameters:
  • Low - It refers to only OCR conversion through codes or software. No cleansing will be carried out.
  • Medium - Under it, we deliver data upon proofreading and editing errors.
  • Full - It determines completely error free documents with 100 percent quality.
  • Automated - It involves text recognition transformation via software, which comprises proofreading, editing and removing errors.

Multitech IT is always there, acing the OCR services on your behalf as an outsourcing partner. We are here to get bring hardcopies back from dead to make sure they are editable.