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5 Benefits of SaaS That Power Point of Sales of Any Business

Have you ever been in a mall or shop or an office? It’s the very point where sale & purchase of products/services go on. The point where retail transactions are carried out is what we call as the ‘point of sales’ (PoS).  

The advent of latest applications and cloud technology has fixed the flaws of traditional method. The customers as well as merchants are prompt to the data access of each other.  Let’s consider amazon as the merchant and ‘we’ as customers. By browsing its mobile or desktop app, we can explore what it has in its store. And for merchant, the CRM application stored in its cloud storage would offer an in-depth look into our demography, ethnology and so on.

In the nutshell, point of sales is highly digitized today that can easily fill the loops of rotten or outdated PoS. Rather than amplifying its goodness, let we hook you to the reasons why it’s better to say ‘bye’ to old way of sale-n-purchase.   

Why should you switch from the traditional point of sales?

1. For robust security: Hacking poses a daunting threat to your sensitive/predictive data. The entrepreneurs are habitual to store their accounts and transactional records in the in-house software like Money Manager Ex, GnuCash, NCH Cash Book, Invoice Expert,  Adminsoft Accounts and so on.

But what if a malicious virus would infect and eat up your digital account books? Would you ever love to compromise with the loss of the customer’s data in those accounts? For sure, your reaction would be contra.           

2. For cutting on cost: To undo the malicious doing of a virus, you need to hire an IT expert. The cost on repair would include his service charges, re-installation of Windows and anti-virus software cost. You have to burn the big hole in your pocket. And simultaneously, you would be walking on the dead end of the rope as similar virus can corrupt your files again. Would you ever love to bear such a hefty loss? (Of course, never! )     

3. For eliminating the risk of loss: Drivers can re-install the Windows but the data that has encountered a big blow of virus would rarely be retrieved. Consequently, it’s all your loss.  

4. For automating application-upgrading: Would you ever prefer working on the oldest version of Windows? With the changing models and platforms, the compliant application is mandatory. You can’t live up the expectation of your customers until you have the real-time data of their transaction which is possible only by using the modern software. Outdated software lacks recording of real-time data and analytics.   

Why does an entrepreneur prefer SaaS-based point of sales?

SaaS or Software-as-a- Service has been surfacing headlines. It’s the model that enables the third-party to host the valuable applications over internet for the benefits of various entrepreneurs. How-let’s check:

  • Relentless remote access 24X7: Suppose i am on the business meeting in Gold Coast where I have to present the data of my sales. The cloud-based SaaS would help me create Point of Sale in Gold Coast. I was far off from my workstation in the US where we work 2 hours ahead of this realm. But the SaaS system let me in to my data warehouse from remote regions.     
  • Manageability: Since you need not bear the expenses of software, hardware acquisition, their licencing, installation, maintenance and support, the modern PoS moves to the shelter of SaaS. Subsequently, you need not worry about managing them by self. The online host would take care of it.     
  • Instant auto-update: Installing the latest update of software prevents it from going rotten and useless. It’s mandatory, as told above. With SaaS, it’s automatic process. With the launch of the new version of any existing application, it automates update.  
  • Easy integration:  The business of sale-b-purchase has lots of offerings that need integration to the existing application/software. Be it a loyalty program, gift card, payment, reward or ant discount card, this system incorporates with all seamlessly.
  • Cost effectiveness: Every event is paid. Be it installation of software or hardware acquisition, you have to pay cost. Maintenance is a never-ending paid service that you have to employ. But with SaaS, it one-time paid service. You can get rid of paying extra charges for different and multiple services of PoS with it.