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3 Traces of How AI’s Replacing Manual IT Solutions Everywhere

Astounding Internet Penetration:

Penetration of Internet is revealed to all.  Do you know the exact percentage of global internet users? It’s 50% of the total global population. Isn’t it an amazing fact!

Do you know how many people configure 50% of internet users?

They are around 3.773 billion.

So, the question is what hooks such a big number of internet users. Is it the magic of only internet or something else?

Well, it’s artificial intelligence (AI). While working as an undercover agent, it glues billions of online users.  

Wanna know how it is attracting billions of eyeballs?

What’s AI actually?

AI is an automation system. Without human interception, it works wonder. Yes! It hears just like us.  It notices what we raise as a query. You don’t need to brainstorm as it takes decision & provide immediate best IT solutions also. And even when necessary, it translates languages.

Won’t you believe?

Ok. Ask yourself-who pings the Facebook to release an alert of your friend’s birthday?  Emphasize on your brain. It’s not a magic but the artificial intelligence. The bot in its code-configuration sets the reminder.  Resultantly, your brain gets enough time to look into another work rather than recounting your besties’ birthdays.   

How AI is replacing manual IT services?

The evolution is taking place in AI. However, it’s quite gradual. But no sooner would it reach its pinnacle, we, human, would be replaced. Our brain would have enough time to devote to more innovations. The chatbot would have great union of a human perception and technology.

It’s true that whatever AI is catering is groundbreaking. Check your inbox after filing application for a credit card. It immediately follows up. Even, helpdesks of various eCommerce organisations take its best support.

Let’s say an organization in Gold Coast manages IT services. Its clientele’s count is in the hundreds. Yet it never forgets to send follow-up mails to its existing hundreds of clients. Do you think a human can filter the target and send mails at a point of time to all together? It’s just a fiction. But a machine can do it. With AI, it’s possible.   

AI to cut workload:

Have you checked updates of a news-channel on multiple social networks? Only digital marketing geeks know about this trick. To make a score of bulletins viral, it covers Facebook, Twitter, G+ and many more social channels.  You’d be surprised that it’s not done manually.

Imagine at least 50 to 80 (or more) personnel would be engaged in publishing news updates the whole day. But the hard work is cut down smartly. AI helps in it. There are several tools, like Hootsuite & buffer that require one time publishing. And later, just a bit of settings does the miracle. Multiple social media channels get updated with the same content instantly & simultaneously. Monitoring, tracking and sharing-all are done in one attempt.

AI to analyse:  

When it comes to evaluating the conversion rate, analysis emerges as a peculiar tool. With its help, scanning the loops becomes a walkover. Thereby, the analysts take significant decisions. The real time data analysis becomes their key. This key unlocks several buying patterns of multiple customers separately.

 CoTweet,,, SocialOomph and Triberr feed you the insight study of your visitors. Consequently, you get the tool to tap and track your customer’s action. Their behavior seems obvious to you. Such kind of tools proves handy to derive patterns. Later, they become upcoming trends. Facebook ads are its finest example.

AI to cater personalized services

When Google launched ‘Home’, personalized services were human-centric. But its presence changed such a conservative impression. You don’t need to stand up and rush to switch off or on or adjust the volume of your music system. Just an instruction is enough.

The confluence of artificial intelligence with machine intelligence works wonder. Even, it removes friction of distraction when you’re talking to your assistant. It auto-adjusts the volume. Several integrated apps, like Out of Milk, prove its worth more prominently. You can list down your shopping items, add coupon codes and scan barcodes via voice recognition.

All these are nothing but the sheer wonder of the AI. However, human interception is essential to initialize it. It’s an undeniable fact. But the day is not so far when singularity would prevail. And the auto-generated AI would be pervasive everywhere.