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5 Ways of IT Support to Secure Sensitive Data

Thanks to the goodness of viral news! They are aired & shared on social media, like Facebook,  Whatsapp and so on. You have definitely heard of the phishing attack. I’m dead sure that someone would have shared the worst experience of cybercrime, like malware and ransomware.

So! What was your reaction? Are you prepped up against such kind of cyber-attack?  What would you do if cyber spies would snatch away your debit card or credit card details? You’re lucky if it has not happened to you. But the future is uncertain. What if their next victim will be you?

To wipe off such possibilities, you need to know the best IT support methods of securing data. Here are a few of them. Execute and stay away from such mischiefs of the cyber criminals.

1. Consent right management:

Does it sound weird to ask for the consent of the data users?  It doesn’t sound so because cyber scammers tap sans permission.

Have you noticed the mobile apps asking for the permission to trace the location or contact list? It represents one of the best IT managed tips to keep mobile data safe. This is what comes under the consent right management. You can instate such kind of system where the permission is a must to occupy before sharing the personal or sensitive details of the employees, customers and clients.

2. Big data encryption:

The IT security & support expert seeks encryption as an unprecedented data security method. It’s so because of these two reasons. First, it converts the data into an unreadable format. And secondly, the cyber spies must have the key to decode it. Otherwise, their attempt to get authorization for the access is foiled.

It architects an unreadable yet logical relational database. To decrypt it, the hacker would need its key. This is the same method that scammers use for ransomware and malware attack. But if you would encrypt your data by self, the chances of data hacking would be compact. 

3. Tokenization:

What does the best IT support team do for security? Undoubtedly, the best data security method is encryption. It’s pervasive as well. But there is an easy method to implement for barricading cybercrime.

Unlike encryption, tokenization is the process of substituting sensitive data with the intricate illogical value. Conversely, encryption secured through a meaningful code. But this method is comparatively easier & best way to store the sensitive data in the database. No one can think about such a token that looks unequal to the original data.

The best IT security service providers change your sensitive data with a randomly generated value. It is known as the token. Then, the data for mapping of the token with genuine data is stored in a hard disk.  The hackers would require an access to both the hard disk and the token to map the data details accurately. 

4. Cloud data protection: Are you aware of Google’s update to fight the patches causing vulnerability? Being a serious matter for concern, even Google is dead serious over its 

The cloud is seemed as a big pool where data is stored. It’s a virtual space to keep your data stored. Multiple folds of giga bytes and tera bytes house in it. But there are several patches that need to be eliminated. Otherwise, storing the sensitive data in the cloud can it prone to hacking.

One trick can help to get rid of such insecurity, i.e. Cloud Data Protection. You can encrypt the data before stockpiling into the cloud. The encrypted data in the unreadable manner will get stocked inside. And if any hacker attempts to steal away your sensitive bank details, he can’t read it. Isn’t it great?   

5. Sealing data access:

How would you interact with the net banking? Obviously, it asks for the customer ID and the password. This is how the digital banking grants you the access. Provided that you know both, it identifies you as an authoritative account holder.

Likewise, you save your data wherever & whenever on virtual data space. You can restrict the visibility of that data. Give the knob of its access to the authorized & reliable person only. Provide privilege to him for granting permission on its exploration to the trustworthy person.