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Tips to Engage Traffic to Social Media via Live Video

Do your all efforts pay no attention to social media? 

I don’t mean to say that you lack interesting content. Your content might be awesome or more than that. But, it’s not necessary that you will get over 10 million views. 


So! What do you do? 

Will you give up? 

Or, will you try to put more efforts for another failure? 


I’ve a blockbuster idea to get an instant lift to your viewership. A little bit of brainstorming can catch you upto 100 million or more views in a few minutes. 

Sounds exciting? 

It’ll be more exciting when you try Facebook live video. 

Yes! It’s live and people will take a wink to share, like and show their reaction to your content. Let’s go through a few examples and tips to know how you can engage traffic to this social media through a live video. 


1. It’s all about your brand awareness: 

A startup up company spends millions of dollars on an advertisement. Its enthusiasm stays up. But, it takes a second to fall down. Unfortunately, it really happens. Have you noticed how Netflix surfaced stardom? 


How did it become a leading global TV network on the spur of the moment? 


Truly, its digital marketing campaigns put it on hundreds of websites. The shows like 13 Reasons Why, Lost in Space and Dark, have defined a new dimension of success. Its value is mounting up because of its streaming on the internet. 


You, also, can steal the show. With an FB account and a bit of Facebook marketing-it’s all you need. Whatever your brand has - put it into a live video. And, you’ll be in the talk of every next person. Heineken-an imported beer brand of Taiwan created brand awareness via ‘Live Your Music’ campaign on Facebook. A broadcast of 3 sets of music took its sales 4% up as compared to the previous year. Its market value also skyrocketed. 


If Heineken & Netflix can do, you too can do. Whether you live in the UK or Gold Coast, a bit of  Social Media Optimization services via FB live can gear up your brand’s success.   


2. Engagement building 

The magic of ‘FB live’ lies in its engagement value. Won’t you believe? 


The Brave Bison Family’s Daily Viral Stories has over 1.2 billion total views. Its success multiplied 18 times in April, if you compare its viewership from May. 

Likewise, there are several education based channels, like Adda 24/7. It has 1,588,677 subscribers. Most of these subscribers explode to be present at its live streaming learning episodes. If you keenly look into its comment section, you’ll find thousands. So, it’s no big deal for you to engage an exhaustive range of online traffic via live streaming on FB. Just 15 minutes or within half an hour, your ‘live’ content can pin up billions of audience to your channel.  


3. A talk show streaming to hold audience:  

Have you seen Grazia UK-Host a Debate? It’s an Italian woman’s magazine. There takes place a live streaming. Women’s problems are its hot potato. 

A live discussion held around a round table over the Brexit. 75K People flooded to participate in it. Their comments and opinions made it an epic talk show on FB streaming.  Later on, 89 people shared it while 211 visitors showed their likelihood. 


4. Make an Event a Blockbuster 

Have you witnessed the celebs marking their presence on the Red Carpet at Cannes? It’s a big fair where extremely famous film personalities showcase. How is it if it’s covered on FB live? Won’t you love to spare time to catch its glimpse? 


Similarly, the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York covered the event of its revamping. Architect Richard Morris Hunt winked his eyes when he witnessed more than six million visitor’s greeting. Now, it has 2.4 million views and 44k people liked it. Around 2.1 million Out of its online community spoke up while 23k people shared it willingly. 


A social media marketing campaign through FB live can really bring a turnaround time for any event. Be it a marriage or a Christmas ceremony, one can go live and touch the heights of online promotions. 


5. Live Demo 

People love to admire the hacks that they might not have imagined in their dream. Have you seen the flying up Dynamo-a magician? He not only flies but he also walks on the water.  Strange, isn’t it? But, it consists of a surprise.  


Buzzfeed’s Tasty-another live streaming, gathered nearly 1.1 billion total views all in all. It’s a milestone. The power of live demo is unbeatable. It proved in April when its viewership surpassed 8.1 million in that month. Almost all brands spin a story. But, nobody knows whether it’s fake or true. If your Adwords Ad speaks up about how it heals the pain point of the customers, a thin line does create. Believe or not to believe-prospective customers hang in between this line. But a live demo squarely erases this line.  


Facebook is indeed an epic online tool to market on social media. More than 1.5 billion people like, share and talk willingly. Even, ecommerce industry and businessmen look at it with the motto of incredible digital marketing promotions. Even, the organic traffic pulls in through social media wherein FB live plays a lead role. If it’s harnessed with SEO, your online marketing would qualify success.