If Thinking About Accuracy, Go for Cleansing

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Data Scrubbing

Scrubbing defines cleansing invalid, inaccurate, inconsistent, incorrect and obsolete information from a database. Multitech IT provides data scrubbing services to catch up with the real value of data. Being in the research and mining, we know how much keener you are at drawing breakthroughs.

However, a lot of inconsistencies in your digital records can badly interfere with a big impact. You may stay behind, as whatever you figure out won’t go exactly, as you would have thought about. Here, you need an expert outsourcing partner who feels all good at making you see the difference via cleansing.

Our skilled team is experienced enough that it feels possessed with cleaning, reconciling and serving up-to-date information to people in banking, retail, transportation, insurance, health & wellness and telecommunication.

Our Services


  • We get out more on interacting with the insights at first. Then, we pick out what is important to go deep with for analysis, which can be a profile or an overview of people, performance or anything. While keeping the goal into account, we grind with expertise and your records. Eventually, what we are left with is useful records.
  • Removing errors

  • Capturing records does not mean that we have won the battle. It is just a start off, giving a way to underline the errors and keep them apart. These errors can be typographical or grammatical mistakes. Our proofreaders remove them all.
  • Completing

  • There might have some entries that are yet to be filled. First, we identify those blanks so that they can be filled with the requisite information. If there is no exact match found, we provide complementary fillers.
  • Normalising

  • Normalisation ensures full form of acronyms in place. We tap all acronyms in the records. Upon studying in the context of the company or profile, our experts swipe in their complete form. It cuts down the hustles of an analyst in understanding what that short form means.
  • De-duplicating

  • This is an important step, wherein duplicate entries are kept apart. Generally, this is a severe consequence of extracting data from multiple sources and locations. When collected, they create conflict, which can distract decision making. So, we pick out and remove those duplicates.
  • Standardizing

  • It refers to the proper structuring of the collected information. During OCR or migration, the format or structure oftentimes fail to achieve uniformity. It looks absurd. So, we grind hard on creating such structure wherein any information looks properly segmented and uniform
  • Verifying

  • This is a crucial phase wherein the validity goes under scanner. Our experts filter authentic entries, bifurcating anomalies so that only authentic entries can get a place in the warehouse.

Multitech IT always feels good to solve your queries for data cleansing or scrubbing. You can dial our number any time if you really want to make the difference.