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Document Scanning

Paper free world seems no more a dream. Multitech It’s document scanning services are here to ditch old-style documentation. We focus on limiting hardcopies to yield pretty legit results for people in diverse industries, like wellness & healthcare, insurance, banking, telecommunication, education and logistics etc..

With scanned copies, you need not think twice to access and manage them remotely. Even, editing and figuring out the essence won’t take hours. All this happens with the help of our outsourcing scanning in a few minutes. Subsequently, it is up to you where you want them to be stored, shared and sent.

We deal in the end-to-end scanning using the entire category of software & hardware, which are dedicated to capturing and successful conversions. However, it is critical to tackle this technology, especially in case of clicking images of a large volume of papers with speed, extracting text and converting them all.

Our Process:


  • This stage is to convert a paper document into its digital replica, which can be in TIFF, JPEG, or PDF, DOC or EXL files. Sometimes, the same service is required for credit card information. So, we keep going on with the same devices plus an application. These support extracting text from the cards or invoices, which works according to a predefined workflow diagram.
  • Prepping Up

  • Working with papers is no fun. But, the need of prepping documents is to make them free from distractions, like staples, stickers, paper clips, sticky notes or tape. Sometimes, torn pages and sorting become a challenge, but we accept it with a cool attitude and patience.
  • Converting

  • For this phase, we stick to an application (with devices) and customized coding. Depending on the goal, our experts use either technique to turn an analog record into a digital format. As per its workflow, the team deploys fax, camera phone, copier/malfunction printer, scanner or microfilms, at first.
  • Imaging

  • Imaging determines the way to keep that digital text saved in a desirable format, as TIFF, DOC, PDF or GIF and a lot more.
  • Processing

  • This phase is used for extracting text in forms, such as invoices. The aforementioned devices together with manual efforts do the whole grinding, which terminates by sending that extract to the required places.
  • Cleaning up

  • Cleaning refers to improving the quality of the documents with the help of software or hardware image cleanup functionality. A few to name are deskew (for crooked images), despeckle (to remove dots), rotate (to adjust orientation) and blank & double-page detection (to detect blank scans).
  • Quality

  • This is a key phase wherein the skilled team employs all skills to pick out the valid entries, using functions like vlookups. If there is any with poor quality, it is flagged to scan again.
  • Recognising

  • Till now, the software is done with extraction. Now, all records are made recognizable so that the machines can cognate them easily for further processing, like indexing. Therefore, we go on with the OCR, Zonal, full text, ICR, OMR and bar codes.

Multitech IT is a leading document scanning outsourcing services company in Australia. We are accessible 24X7 to address your queries regarding the same.