Shatter the Primitive Style of Selling with Interactive POS

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Sale-and-purchase is a complex process-cycle. Isn’t it an uphill battle to manually register the bar code of each sold product? Isn’t it a can of worms to count on cash and inventory? Can you as a retailer ever think of tracking mountains of orders manually? Isn’t it so risky as well as lengthy to prepare manual journals?

Digitization and Iot have been taking the pan world by storm. So, why don’t you jump on the digitized bandwagon of agile & safe point of sale (POS) system! We, Multi-IT Team, are always open to help you through our innovative, efficient and end-to-end POS solutions.

Better UX Earns Money:

MultiTech-IT dedicatedly works as your helping partner letting how to cut on losses. Our excellent POS system proves gold rush to retailers, manufacturers, hoteliers and merchants etc.. Outdated payment, billing and registering eat up your precious time. By coming across this fact, we came up with exclusive POS ideas to save on time and money. We let you hand-on better user experience with inter-connectivity of hardware and software network that are specifically structured for sale/purchase purpose. Cutting on processing time & accurate transaction recording eventually saves hard-earned money for you.

Our POS is a Total Management:

We deliver to you all in one POS package. It is composed of automatic invoicing, discounting, promotional package, deliveries, automatic ordering, integration of loyalty program, security and much more. At the backend, the uninterrupted connectivity is a must. We do it for you without internet. By linking all hardware, like swipe machines, computers, scanner and printer, and software, we introduce effortlessness with accuracy in transaction and record maintenance.

Access Anytime from anywhere:

If you want to track the performance of your stock, your money, your staff, your employees or your consumers, our allotted system will make it like a pie. This system would allow you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete management system. Its accessibility will lie in your hands. It implies you can access it anytime from anywhere. You need not have any server to maintain the stored data. Neither do you have to deploy a technical expert for it.

Procedures to execute:

Execution is complementary to consulting and planning. Once all rules and standards get inked unanimously, the execution process begins. From building data-managing plans to development, the data executives put their heart and soul for managing data in silos. Simplifying the accessibility of data, we focus on comprehensiveness. They foresee upcoming glitches and act accordingly to tackle them in the most effective manner.

Consistent to All Major Payment Modes:

Consumers tend to use any mode of transaction. It can be any credit card, debit card, loyalty card, e-Wallet, and cash. We incorporate all major payment gateways in our chip & card reader system. Thereby, no bone of contention can ever interrupt inflow of revenue to your account. The transaction will be channelized during all business days.

POS-An Auto Business Analyst:

Analytics unfolds your business performance. This system captures data of your transactions. Thereby, various patterns get stockpiled in it. Since it has the dash of real-time data, you get the accurate hint of consumer’s behavior, transaction modes and trends. Therefore, deriving ground-breaking and game-changing ideas can be a walkover with it.